Courtes fictions

Samedi 18 septembre 20H30
Saturday September 18 8:30pm

@ Bain Mathieu, 2915 Ontario Est

Entrée libre – suggestion de 10 à 15$
PWYC – 10-15$ suggestion

Hacer y deshacer: poemas desde adentro #1 Radioterapia (DOING AND UNDOING: POEMS FROM WITHIN #1 RADIOTHERAPIA), Alexandra Gelis, 1 min, espagnole avec S-T anglais

A series of creative interventions that I had made with my mother during her cancer healing process.; #1 Radiotherapy. The film is part of a large project “Doing and Undoing: Poems from within”.

Lune (Moon), Zoé Pelchat, Canada, 15 min, FR avec S-T EN

Babz Dubreuil, a lonely ex-convict, works as a cook in a brunch restaurant. Under the encouragements of a colleague, she finds the courage to ask an attractive customer on a date. It might be the beginning of redemption. // Babz Dubreuil, une ex-détenue esseulée mais attachante, travaille comme cuisinière dans un restaurant à déjeuner. Lorsqu’elle demande un client en rencard, sa vie prend une tournure inattendue: celle de la rédemption.

Al-Sit, Suzannah Mirghani, Sudan, 20 min, arabe avec S-T EN

In a cotton-farming village in Sudan, 15-year-old Nafisa has a crush on Babiker, but her parents have arranged her marriage to Nadir, a young Sudanese businessman living abroad. Nafisa’s grandmother Al-Sit, the powerful village matriarch, has her own plans for Nafisa’s future. But can Nafisa choose for herself?       

Quiet On Set, Jessica Teixeira, Natasha Luttjeboer, Afrique du Sud, 20 min, version anglaise

When Ria, a young, female sound designer, still finding her footing in the industry overhears the director harassing the lead actress, she must choose between her career and her morals. At first it seems like there is nothing she can do but when the director goes so far as to physically hurt and then fire the actress, Ria devices a brilliant plan to divulge all the sexual harassment happenings she has been privy to on the film set. She chooses to expose this sexual harassment at the film’s premiere along with substantial proof. 

Super Special, Ashley Williams, Nouvelle-Zélande, 12 minutes, anglais et maori, S-T EN

In the midst of her first period, a quiet resilient young girl must choose between a surprise for her beloved little brother or buying pads for herself.          

Le vidéoclip (The Music Video), Camille Poirier, Canada, 14 min

In order to be in her older brother’s music video, Clara, a 13-year-old tomboy, agrees to undergo a radical change of style. She soon notices that this transformation changes her brother’s friend’s behaviour towards her. // Afin de participer au vidéoclip de son frère aîné, Clara, une fillette de 13 ans au look tomboy, accepte de subir un changement de style radical. Cette transformation lui permet ensuite d’observer des différences dans ses rapports avec les amis de son frère.

Dorlis, Enricka MH, France, 25 min, FR, S-T EN


Nora, adolescente martiniquaise de 15 ans, est contrainte de suivre sa mère Laure et sa petite soeur Mélissa, 6 ans, dans le nord de l’île pour vivre quelque temps chez Henri, son grand-père, paralysé depuis un AVC. Elles s’installent chez le vieil homme pour lui apporter une aide quotidienne. Mais très vite, l’atmosphère de la maison et la présence de Henri, vont réveiller chez Nora des souvenirs d’enfance qui vont s’incarner dans la crainte de l’attaque d’un esprit malfaisant… // Nora, a 15-year-old Martiniquan teenager, has to follow her mother and 6-year-old little sister, Mélissa, to the north of the island, to live at Henri’s, her grand-father, paralyzed since a recent stroke. They settle at the old man’s to provide him daily assistance. But very soon, the atmosphere of the house and Henri’s presence make Nora’s childhood memories resurface, embodied in the fear of an aggressive evil mind…