Ce programme vous propose une bonne dose de créativité avec une collection de courts-métrages expérimentaux aux techniques éclectiques, éclatées et épatantes. Du ver d’oreille enjoué qu’est I’ve Been Afraid à Exit Strategy #5 (le nouveau chapitre de la série dont le deuxième opus avait fait partie de notre édition de 2017), ces films utilisent tantôt l’animation (Nadirah: Coal Woman), les vidéos trouvées sur YouTube (Clean with Me (After Dark)) ou l’essai pour parler de grossophobie (Angles), de pandémie (Virus), de mariage et de passage à l’âge adulte (Mi amigas y yo), de personnes marginalisées et de plein d’autres sujets tout aussi féministes que nécessaires. Les fans de Last Tango In Paris voudront très certainement revisiter ce classique devenu infâme grâce à In Paris, I Tango for Maria. (Veuillez noter que considérant notre petite équipe DIY, les synopsis des films étant seulement disponibles en version anglaise ou sous-titrée anglaises ne sont pas tous traduits, merci de votre compréhension!)

This program exudes creativity! This collection of experimental short films is as eclectic and stunning as the various techniques it showcases. From the playful earworm that is I’ve Been Afraid to Exit Strategy # 5 (the newest chapter of the series whose second installment was part of our 2017 edition), these films can be animation (Nadirah: Coal Woman), found YouTube footage (Clean with Me (After Dark)) or essays addressing fatphobia (Angles), the current pandemic (Virus), marriage and coming of age (Mi amigas y yo (My Friends and I)), marginalized people and many other important feminist topics. Last Tango In Paris fans will certainly want to revisit this classic turned infamous thanks to In Paris, I Tango for Maria.

I’VE BEEN AFRAID | Cecelia Condit | États-Unis / United States | v.o. anglaise / English | 7 min | PREMIÈRE CANADIENNE

« I’ve Been Afraid » is an upbeat musical toolbox about how women get abused (yes, you read it right!), and why they stay. It uses emojis that are as ubiquitous as abuse is in our culture. Despite the heavy subject matter, this is an empowering short.

EXIT STRATEGY #5 Kym McDaniel | États-Unis / United States | v.o. anglaise / English | 8 min | PREMIÈRE MONTRÉALAISE

To desire; to bleed; to burn from the inside out and commit to someone new. The fifth in a series regarding my ability to cope with my emotional and physical traumas.

VIRUS Larissa Mauro, Joy Ballard | Brésil / Brazil | v.o. portugaise, s.-t. anglais / Portuguese with English subtitles | 9 min | PREMIÈRE NORD-AMÉRICAINE

2020, Winter. Pandemic. Isolation. Biographical facts penned on paper. Ancestry, memory, emptiness, prejudice, betrayal. Virus is an audiovisual poetic experience. Revolution. A healing cry for myself and many others alike. I must speak.

ANGLES | Robyn Ehrlich | États-Unis / English | v.o. anglaise / English | 5 min | PREMIÈRE CANADIENNE

This piece is a personal art project, and an attempt to recontextualize my relationship with my body by means of traditionally “unflattering” angles and photoshop.

MI AMIGAS Y YO (MY FRIENDS AND I) Belen Paladino | Argentina | v.o. espagnole, s.-t. anglais / Spanish with English subtitles | 23 min | PREMIÈRE NORD-AMÉRICAINE

In Diana’s diary present and past, real and fantastic interlaces. All the things that never happened can occur. Memories, old fears, unhealed scars, and past presences bloom. An invisible thread bones her, her mother’s, aunt’s, and an unknown grandmother’s story. All those women are part of Diana and appear through blurred images, whispers, and beloved objects. This short reflects about the role of the women in the society and their position about marriage as well as their passage from childhood to womanhood in a poetic way.

NADIRAH: COAL WOMAN Negar Elodie Behzadi , Kate Jessop | Royaume-Uni / United Kingdom | v.o. anglaise / English | 2 min | PREMIÈRE NORD-AMÉRICAINE

Superbe animation utilisant divers médiums racontant l’histoire d’une des femmes les plus stigmatisées de son village de Kanté dans les montagnes du Tajikistan. // Gorgeous mixed-media animation telling the story of one of the most stigmatized women miners in the village of Kante in the mountains of Tajikistan.

IN PARIS, I TANGO FOR MARIA (TAKE 2) Taylor Yocom | États-Unis / United States | v.o. anglaise / English | 9 min | PREMIÈRE CANADIENNE

In a first-person nonfiction narrative, an artist revisits her previous video piece of tangoing in butter in homage to Maria Schneider. The narrative retells the sexual assault – the infamous “butter scene” – committed against Schneider by director Bernardo Bertolucci and costar Marlon Brando on-set of the film « Last Tango in Paris. » Through reworking previous footage, visiting the movie locations, and sharing screen recordings of searches, this short grapples with the idea of the function of homage with and without context.

CLEAN WITH ME (AFTER DARK) Gabrielle Stemmer | France | v.o. anglaise, s.-t. français / English with French subtitles | 21 min

Sur YouTube, des centaines de femmes se filment pendant qu’elles nettoient la maison. // On YouTube, hundreds of women are filming themselves cleaning their homes.