Cette collection de courts-métrages LGBTQIA2S+ est aussi diversifiée qu’intersectionnelle et regroupe des documentaires, des fictions ainsi que des films expérimentaux. Hot Goy Summer s’amuse avec la performativité trans dans une courte-vidéo mettant en scène un « Mr. Freeze » européen, Gay As In Happy est un hymne à la différence et à la résilience, Touching an Elephant suit une réfugiée ougandaise devant prouver à l’État allemand son lesbianisme, My Crazy Boxers nous amène au coeur du système psychiatrique, A Brief History of the Unicorn est l’allégorie trans dont nous avons tou·te·s besoin, tout comme Bathroom Break qui nous fait découvrir des personnages queer tou·te·s plus sympathiques les un·e·s que les autres. Baby Girl nous transporte dans la réalité des personnes intersexes du Ghana alors que Los muchos triangulos rosas nous amène à la rencontre de militant·e·s opprimés LGBTII des quatre coins de la planète. Ces films nous procurent une bonne dose de représentation, d’humour et de réconfort à une époque où les drames queers sont une réalité à ne pas occulter. (Veuillez noter que considérant notre petite équipe DIY, les synopsis des films étant seulement disponibles en version anglaise ou sous-titrée anglaises ne sont pas tous traduits, merci de votre compréhension!)

This collection of LGBTQIA2S+ short films is as diverse as it is intersectional, as it features documentaries, fictions and experimental films. Hot Goy Summer is all about performativity and European “Mr. Freezes”, Gay As In Happy is an ode to being different and resilient, Touching an Elephant follows an Uganda refugee who has to prove her lesbianism to the German State, My Crazy Boxers is an incursion into the psychiatric system, A Brief History of the Unicorn is the trans allegory we didn’t know we needed, just like Bathroom Break which introduces us to moving queer characters who could be any of our friends. Baby Girl takes us into the world of intersex people from Ghana while Los muchos triangulos rosas introduces us to oppressed LGBTII activists from all over the world. These films give us a healthy dose of representativity, tongue-in-cheek comedy and sympathy in this day and age where drama is still a queer reality that cannot be overlooked.

HOT GOY SUMMER Lori/Lot Lo Bianco | Royaume-Uni / United Kingdom | sans dialogue, s.-t. anglais / no dialogue with English subtitles | 3 min | PREMIÈRE NORD-AMÉRICAINE

#hotgirlsummer was one of the most popular memes of summer 2019. Hot ‘Goy’ Summer is an ironic, voyeuristic, sensual and trans revision of that meme and the concept of performativity.

GAY AS IN HAPPY – A QUEER ANTI-TRAGEDY | Valerie Allen-Shim | Canada | v.o. anglaise / English | 3 min

An experimental autoethnographical documentary about queer joy, resistance, and resilience in the face of abuse, trauma, and transphobia.

TOUCHING AN ELEPHANT | Lara Milena Brose | Allemagne/Germany | allemand avec sous-titres anglais / English with German subtitles | 15 min | PREMIÈRE QUÉBÉCOISE

What if someone would ask you to proof your sexual orientation? What if your life would depend on the evidence? Ten thousands of people are asked for this proof by the German Federal Ministry for Migration and Refugees. It is luck if the members of staff decide that they believe someone to be gay. Mostly they don´t. Ritah, a 20 year old lesbian woman from Uganda, while trying to make her way through the instances is confronted with the absurdity of a system that asks people to proof their identity in order to grant them protection. In the parable of the blind men and the elephant she finds a metaphor for her state of mind.

MY CRAZY BOXERS Krissy Mahan | États-Unis / United States | v.o. anglaise, s.-t. français / English with French subtitles | 9 min | PREMIÈRE QUÉBÉCOISE

Des fragments pixellisés se matérialisent lentement dans cette vidéo basée sur des rencontres réelles avec le personnel hospitalier d’une aile psychiatrique, créant une élégie puissante et pénible du besoin incessant de genrer les sous-vêtements. // Pixellated fragments slowly materialize in this video based on actual meetings with hospital staff while in a psychiatric hospital system, creating a powerful and distressing elegy from the incessant gendering of underwear.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE UNICORN Mina Sewell Mancuso | Canada | v.o. anglaise / English | 15 min

A young girl who is fascinated by unicorns comes into conflict with her parents and her catholic school when she demands that her confirmation sponsor be her aunt, who is a trans woman.

BABY GIRL Selasie Djameh | Ghana | v.o. anglaise, s.-t. anglais | English with English subtitles | 25 min | PREMIÈRE NORD-AMÉRICAINE

Jessica is, a 19-year-old student from Ghana who suffers an emotional breakdown following the discovery that she was born intersex; but when she meets free-spirited Sally and her brother Charles, she realises that she can be herself and still find acceptance. A wonderful documentary about the courage of intersex people in West Africa.

THE MANY PINK TRIANGLES Luca Gaetano | Italie / Italy | v.o. espagnole, s.-t. anglais / Spanish with English subtitles | 28 min | PREMIÈRE CANADIENNE

This documentary tells the story of the LGBTTI communities who have suffered persecution, prison and torture for their sexual condition under different military dictatorships in recent decades. The idea borns from the photographic and archival project for the recovery of the historical memory of the different LGBTTI communities in the world, a chapter of history too often hidden and forgotten. This first chapter is a journey around Spain, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, countries where the dictatorship has strongly marked the history of the LGBTTI community, oppressed by police regimes and social intolerance.

BATHROOM BREAK Simone LeClaire | États-Unis | v.o. anglaise / English | 8 min | PREMIÈRE CANADIENNE

Mari rencontre une tonne de nouvelles personnes alors qu’iel se réfugie dans les toilettes lors d’un party. // Mari meets a lot of people at a party as they hide in the bathroom.