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La Vitrola, 4602 Boulevard Saint-Laurent – projections 19h, musique 21h30

daily mantra Kara Hakanson | États-Unis | 2min | 2017 | Court-métrage expérimental | Première Canadienne

dm_KH_still02Les questions et réflexions banalement quotidiennes. // Everyone has their own daily mantra.

Kara has joined the ranks of filmmakers out there working to change the stock narrative on women in front of and behind the camera. Her latest film, ‘fifteen’, which was crewed almost entirely with women, recently won Best Coming-of-Age Film at the Frozen Film Festival in Minnesota. The film also garnered her the Loren Savitsky Young Filmmaker Award at the Big Water Film Festival in Wisconsin. She is sending her work across the pond as well. Her deeply personal film, ‘daily mantra’, screened in London, UK with the Shorts on Tap series in March. She is currently based in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA working on a series of short films.

Tales from Pussy Willow: Smile Kate Jessop | Royaume-Uni | 2min | 2016 | Court-métrage de fiction | Première Nord-Américaine

still_smile2Anahita se fait « sexhuer » en route vers le travail… Un épisode d’une série de courtes animations qu’on retrouve sur YouTube. // Anahita has an eventful journey into work navigating a labyrinth of cat callers… This is one episode of a series of short animations that can be found on YouTube.

Kate Jessop is an award winning animation filmmaker whose work spans across narrative shorts, artist’s film and comedy web series. She has exhibited extensively being selected for numerous national and international festivals and touring programmes such as Raindance; Edinburgh Film festival; The Best of Birds Eye View and Tricky Women. Her first film ‘Desires’ was a Virgin Media Shorts Finalist, represented the UK in The Best of Women in Film and Television and is distributed through Shorts International. She is the founder of Animation Girl Band and creator of comedy web series Tales From Pussy Willow.

Nasty Woman Hayleyann Evers | États-Unis | 4min | 2017 | Court-métrage expérimental| Première Canadienne GAGNANT PRIX DU PUBLIC

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 8.48.08 PM« Nasty woman » est une puissante réponse à la misogynie de la campagne électorale américaine de 2016. // « Nasty Woman » is a response to misogyny witnessed during the 2016 US presidential election

Hayleyann Evers graduated from Western Oregon University in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Dance. During her studies, she broadened her knowledge in ballet and modern technique, choreography composition, dance history, and pedagogy. In her senior year, she focused her research on fusing advocacy with dance and film. She hopes to continue to explore philanthropy and advocacy through art and to pursue further formal education in screendance.

Slut or Nut: The Diary of a Rape Trial Kelly Showker | Canada | 68min | 2017 | Long-métrage documentaire| Première Montréalaise + En présence de Mandi Gray 

Slut_or_Nut_1Ce documentaire suit une femme victime de viol, Mandi Gray, à qui on a fait le procès en cour. // This documentary follows a sexual assault victim (Mandi Gray)’s search for justice after the trial becomes about her.

CW : Descriptions de violences sexuelles / Verbal descriptions of sexual violence

Kelly Showker is a feminist filmmaker focused on documentaries examining male-pattern violence and the impact of violence on women and children. Slut or Nut: The Diary of a Rape Trial is her first feature-length film. Her short documentary film, Etima, a personal story of coping with sexual violence within a family setting, premiered in June 2015 at the Doc Now Festival in Toronto, Canada. Prior to making her first film, she worked for the U.S. Department of State Foreign Service in Kampala, Uganda, Yaoundé, Cameroon, Toronto, Canada, and in Washington D.C. Showker holds an MFA from Ryerson University in Documentary Media Production, and a B.I.S. in Gender Studies and International Relations from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is currently working with the Appleseeds Foundation, to promote technology in rural schools and to provide support for filmmakers working in rural areas. Showker splits her time between Toronto and Hollywood, Florida.