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GIV, 4001 Rue Berri #105 – 19h (Portes/Doors 18h30)

*arrivez tôt, les places sont limitées!

tous les films de la soirée seront présentés en anglais, sans sous-titres français – all films will me presented in english without french subtitles 

Unlace Your Shoes… Put on Mine – I am a Black Woman  |  Leon Oldstrong  |  Royaume-Uni  |  13min  |  Court-métrage documentaire  | 2017 | Première Nord-Américaine


Chaussez les souliers de plusieures femmes noires anglaise qui décrivent leurs expériences de vie tant amoureuses que sur le marché du travail. // Step into the shoes of several black British women as they share their thoughts, feelings and experiences on topics ranging from black men to workplace politics.

In his previous life as a primary school teacher, Leon Oldstrong was forever telling the children in his care that they could be anything they wanted to be… yet deep down he didn’t believe this was true for him. One day he watched a feature film that had been produced on a budget of $6000 and was blown away, right there and then he decided this was something he could do. He had enough of watching content told by the same voices and always seeing the same type of people on screen. His goal is to create the films that he wanted to see growing up but never did. To make sure that hischildren and so many others like them get to see role models and heroes that look like them and their family on screen. He fight for, represent and gives a voice to marginalised people. His ideas are unapologetic and he strives to produce content that is honest no matter how uncomfortable it makes people feel. This is his story.

Hey Little Black Girl  Lyntoria Newton  |  États-Unis  |  13min  |  Court-métrage documentaire   |  2017  |  Première montréalaise

Day 5 Sync_synced Replaced.00_40_03_00.Still001Des vignettes mettant en scènes des jeunes filles noires du passé et d’aujourd’hui nousracontent comment se croisent l’imaginaire d’un enfant et la réalité des adultes. // Story told through vignettes of little black girls of yesterday and today meeting viewers at the intersection between youthful imagination and adultreality.

Lyntoria Newton is graduate of the Documentary Film and Video MFA program at Stanford University. Many of her films have centered on the narratives of women and girls. She recently completed her M.F.A. thesis film Hey Little Black Girl, which explores the relationship between contemporary black girlhood and the legacy African American Civil Rights. She holds a B.A. from Hampshire College where she constructed a course of study that included film, media, journalism, and African diasporic studies. She has produced content for outlets such as The Boston Globe, PBA30, The Atlanta University Center, Atlanta Public Schools, The University of Michigan and others. She currently lives in the SF Bay Area and works as a freelance producer and editor for nonfiction content. Her films have screened at the Mill Valley Film Festival, San Francisco Documentary Film Festival, Hayti Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, Bechdel Film Festival, Oakland International Film Festival, Sistas are Doin’ It For Themselves Film Festival and the Long Beach International Indie Music and Film Festival.

195 Lewis  Chanelle Aponte Pearson  |  États-Unis  |  45min  |  Websérie  |  2017 GAGNANT PRIX DU PUBLIC

195 lewisLes questions raciales, queer et polyamoureuses se déclinent avec humour et honnêteté dans cette série représentant la vie brooklynoise de la réalisatrice Chanelle Aponte Pearson. // Race, queerness and polyamory are investigated with honesty and affection in this award-winning web series turned international film festival hit. Director Chanelle Aponte Pearson sets out to represent Bed-Stuy as she sees it: Black, queer, and home to the activists and artists that make the neighbourhood vibrant and unique.

Rae Leone Allen is a writer, and filmmaker originally from Mesquite, TX. 195 Lewis is Allen’s first film project. Her writing has been featured in No, Dear magazine, Puerto del Sol’s Black Voices Series, NewsVerseNews, about place journal, RaceBaitr, and Brooklyn Magazine.