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In Our Skin Rosa Beiroa | Royaume-Uni | 4min | Court-Métrage expérimental | 2017 | Première Canadienne GAGNANT PRIX DU PUBLIC

RosaBeiroa_IOS_Still02Une célébration des corps féminins, soulignant l’aspect exceptionnel et extraordinaire des gestes routiers. // A celebration of women’s bodies highlighting the exceptional and extraordinary that lies within seemingly routine gestures.

Rosa is a Spanish artist based in London with a particular interest in the representation of the body and themes around the female figure. She has a background in Fine Arts and last year, she gained a Master’s degree in Animation from the University of the Arts London. For the first time in her career, she incorporated animation into her practice, bringing her to explore the topic of the body in movement from a new perspective.She completed her graduation film In Our Skin in December 2017 and has since been selected at several festivals around the world.


My POV from Childhood Rojin Shafiei | Canada | 2min | Court-métrage expérimental | 2017 | En présence de la réalisatrice 

My POV1Un film nombriliste. // A navel piece.

Rojin Shafiei est une artiste iranienne basée à Montréal. Née en 1993, elle réalise son premier film à 19 ans. Rapidement, elle fait de la vidéo son médium de prédilection. Rojin se place dans une démarche documentaire-expérimentale. Le corps, le mouvement et le féminisme sont des thèmes récurrents dans son travail. Elle termine actuellement son baccalauréat en Intermedia/Cyberarts à l’Université Concordia. // Rojin Shafiei is an Iranian Montreal-based video artist who was born in 1993. She made her first movie when she was 19. Rojin started focusing on video as her medium. One of her main themes is documentary-experimental. Body, movement and feminism are the concepts that are noticeable in her works. She is finishing her BFA in Intermedia/Cyberart in Concordia University.

Exit Strategy #2 Kym McDaniel | États-Unis | 5min | Court-métrage expérimental | 2017 | Première Canadienne

KymMcDaniel_ExitStrategy2_3La réalisatrice raconte ses traumatismes médicaux par le biais d’une chorégraphie de main. // Using a hand choreography, the filmmaker dissociates with her body to talk about past medical traumas.

Kym McDaniel is a filmmaker, choreographer, performer, and educator currently based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her work explores themes of vulnerability, resistance, and trauma recovery. Originally from Chicago, she has a BFA in Contemporary Performance & Choreography, and a BA in Psychology. She is an MFA resident in Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

I Tried Laís Melo | Brésil | 15min | Court-métrage de fiction | 2017 | Première Canadienne

01 - Tentei - Foto de Jandir SantinAprès une énième nuit de souffrance, Gloria tente de changer le cours de sa vie. // After another night of grief, Gloria tries to change the course of her life.

Laís Melo graduated in media and works as a film director for some short films, feature films and television series. She has started her career as a screenwriter and director, where her first short film, « Tentei », premiered at the Brazilian Film Festival in Brasilia 2017, receiving awards for best short film, best photography direction and best actress. With projects of short, long and series in development, Laís is interested in thinking and telling the narrative of the woman of the working class.

En Attendant Lou (Waiting for Lou) Katerine Martineau | Canada | 15min | Court-métrage de fiction | 2017 | En présence de la réalisatrice 

Still_01Jess, 16 ans, partage le rêve improbable de faire un road-trip en Californie à la sortie de prison de sa grand-mère Lou. // 16 year-old Jess is invited on a California road trip by her eccentric grandmother Lou, who is about to be released from jail.

Katerine est une scénariste et réalisatrice montréalaise originaire de la région de l’Outaouais. Elle complète un baccalauréat en sciences sociales à l’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM) en 2013 avant d’entreprendre un Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) en Film Production à la Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema de l’Université Concordia (2017). Son court-métrage En attendant Lou récolte plusieurs prix dont le Best Live Action Student Short au Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) en janvier 2018. // Katerine is a screenwriter and a director from Montreal. She holds a bachelor’s degree in social sciences from l’Université du Québec à Montréal (2013) and is a graduate of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University of Montreal (2017). In 2018, she received the Best Live Action Student Short Award at the Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival – Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) with her film Waiting for Lou.


Rose Exposed Rose Stiffarm  | Canada | 5min | Court-métrage expérimental | 2017 | En présence de la réalisatrice + Première Mondiale 

Rose Exposed_300DPIUne vidéo expérimentale au sujet des cercles en relation à son identité autochtone. // Experimental Indigenous video highlighting the significance of circles when constructing one’s identity.

Rose Stiffarm was born March 8, 1989 in Duwamish/suquamish Territory aka Seattle, WA. Ms. Stiffarm is Anishinabe, Siksika, Cowichan, Tsartlip, A’aninin, and Nakoda. Rose is an alumni of several Capilano University film programs: Indigenous Independent Digital Film Diploma, Cinematography for Film and Video Certificate, and Motion Picture Arts Bachelor Degree Program. This is her first stopover with Wapikoni Mobile.

Steps to Balance 1-5 Molly Garrett | États-Unis  | 3min  | Court-métrage expérimental  | 2017  | Première Canadienne

Photo 2 StepsToBalance1-5_Still1Lorsque le fait de dessiner des centaines de fois son corps et le corps de son partenaire devient une prise de conscience radicale d’un corps non binaire et queer. // When drawing one’s body as well as one’s partner hundreds of times becomes a radical act of awareness of one’s non-binary and queer identity.

Molly Garrett is an animator, curator, collaborator and friend living in Kansas City, Missouri. They have been included in film festivals such as Animation Block Party in New York City, Berlin Feminist Film Week in Germany, and Melbourne Queer Film Festival in Australia. Using hand-drawn rotoscope and animation, Molly considers making their films to be a radical act of awareness. During the time taken to draw every frame, they confront their personal relationship towards body and gender, while exploring the rhythm, balance, tension and support within identity and relationships.

The Gravedigger’s Daughter Shira Gabay | Israël | 17min | Court-métrage fiction | 2016

gravedigger2.jpegMalgré les objections de sa famille et de sa communauté, Esther, la seule fille d’une famille orthodoxe juive, se bat pour pouvoir suivre les traces de son père. // Over the objections of her family and community, Esther, an only daughter from an Orthodox Jewish home, fights for the right to take on her late father’s occupation.

After graduating high school, Shira Gabay did one year’s national service at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, then worked as a social and cultural coordinator for the high school where she had studied. Shira completed four years’ full time study at the Maaleh Film School in January 2016. Her narrative short « The Gravedigger’s Daughter » has been screened at over 25 film festivals worldwide.


Amber Blue Hong Anh Nguyen | Royaume-Uni | 10min | Court-métrage de fiction | 2017 | Première Canadienne

AmberBlue_Still_3Lorsqu’une invitation à son baby shower lesbien prend une tournure étrange. // When an invitation to a lesbian baby shower takes a strange turn.

Hong Anh Nguyen is an Sydney and Frankfurt based theatre and film director. Focusing on the intersection between moving images and performing arts, she is particularly interested in the voices of underrepresented minorities, cultural and generational tension – themes embedded in her upbringing as a queer Vietnamese girl in Germany. Hong Anh has been involved in numerous films as a director, assistant director and editor. During her time in Scotland she has directed several short plays such as Transition, Things We Should Have Said, Facades and With You. Hong Anh has been a curator for the Edinburgh Moving Arts Film Festival and is also the co-founder of Round Frames Film and Photography. She has recently graduated from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh with a BA (hons) in Theatre and Film. Her latest short film Amber Blue is premiering this year at the Scottish Queer International Film Festival in Glasgow.

What Metal Girls are Into Laurel Vail | États-Unis | 15min | Court-métrage de fiction | 2017 | Première Montréalaise

Photo 9 What_Metal_Girls_Are_Into_2Trois femmes se rendent dans un festival métal dans le désir et découvrent quelque chose d’étrange dans le congélateur de la maison qu’elles ont loué. // Three women going to a three day metal festival in the desert find something disturbing in the freezer of their isolated vacation rental.

Laurel hails from the 208*, went to college in Boston, and calls LA home. She’s been acting for around 10 years and starred in 2 feature films so far; Leading Ladiesand Delivery:The Beast Within.This is her first crack at producing and directing.*Southeast Idaho