Soirée queer

Samedi 11 septembre 20H30
Saturday September 11 8:30pm

@ Sala Rosa, 4848 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Entrée libre – suggestion de 10 à 15$
PWYC – 10-15$ suggestion

Récit de soi (Oneself Story), Géraldine Charpentier, Belgique, 5 min, FR avec S-T EN

Lou se raconte, son rapport au genre. Fille ou garçon, il/ elle a choisi de ne pas choisir, pour l’instant. // Lou tells their story, the way they feel about gender. Girl or boy, he/she chose not to choose, at least for now.

XY, Anna Karín Lárusdóttir, Islande, 16 min, islandais avec S-T EN

Lisa a 15 ans et se sent bien différente des autres filles. Le secret qu’elle garde pour elle rend la création de liens avec les gens de son âge bien difficile. Mais le retour de son amie d’enfance Bryndis forcera Lisa à découvrir encore bien des nouvelles choses à propos de son corps. // Lísa is fifteen years old and quite different from other girls her age. She has trouble connecting to her peers whilst keeping a big secret about herself. When her childhood friend Bryndís starts reaching out to her, the two reunite, leading Lísa to discover more secrets about her body and medical history.

El viaje de Monalisa (The Journey of Monalisa), Nicole Costa, Chili, 90 min, espagnol avec S-T EN

After 17 years, Nicole Costa gets in touch with Iván Ojeda, her old Chilean friend from college. Back then he was a talented theater director and playwright, but it turns out he has reinvented himself. Iván now goes by Monalisa and works as a prostitute on the streets of New York. Intrigued by this transformation, Costa decides to follow Iván Monalisa, a “gender-neutral two-spirit,” in their tough and vulnerable life filled with fleeting sexual encounters and addiction to hard drugs. Nonetheless, Monalisa does continue to write beautiful, raw pieces about life and survival in New York. Recent scenes of Monalisa’s attempts to get a visa and her first successes as a writer are interspersed with old VHS footage, snippets of telephone conversations and extracts from her work. All this is framed by scenes of Monalisa proudly parading through the streets of New York—a living artwork searching in the shadows for the light of self-expression.